Them: Click Here for Murder: Donna Andrews: 9780425188569.

'Click here for Murder' is the second book about the sentient computer, Turing Hopper, named for Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, a pioneer in computer science (one of.

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Donna Andrews (author) - Wikipedia Donna Andrews is an American mystery fiction writer of two award-winning amateur sleuth series. Her first book, Murder with Peacocks (1999), introduced Meg Langslow.

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You've Got Murder (A Turing Hopper Mystery) - You've Got Murder (Turing Hopper, No 1) [Donna Andrews] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Zack, a workaholic computer expert, suddenly.

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Red Herring - TV Tropes A clue that leads in the wrong direction. A red herring is a good red herring when it interweaves itself into the story's events. For example, the murder …

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